Algae in WVO

I have a Golden Fuel system in my 2003 Dodge Ram diesel. Since buying the unit and filling with settled/filtered(1 micron filter) WVO I have had a consistent problem of algae forming in WVO tank. I'm not talking about a little algae, but a layer 1/4" deep over the whole bottom of my 40 gallon tank and handfulls in the corner pickup area. The last time this happened I completely drained the system, wiped up all the WVO and algae in the tank, then put in diesel fuel and a biocide that is specifically designed for diesel fuel. After a couple of months, I'm right back to massive algae in the tank with diesel fuel in it. Of course, the algae will clog the tank filter, then the main filter at which point the engine quits running.(The Golden Fuel system uses a 2 micron Raycor filter at the WVO tank, then sends the WVO through to the main fuel filter.)

Simply put, I cannot use the WVO system with either WVO or even diesel fuel. Does anyone have some experience and solutions to this problem?

Thanks for your help.

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