88' diesel wvo?

Hey guys,
New to the possibilities of WVO. Buying an '88 6.2 liter diesel 'burban. I've been reading up on the ability to switch tanks between diesel and straight WVO with no issues. I understand the WVO would be heated while the diesel is running the car. The running of the diesel would heat the block, lines, injectors, and WVO tank until everything is viscous enough to run straight WVO yes? Why could I not just use a tank heater, block heater, and heated pipe wrap on the lines to achieve the same viscosity? I know it would take maybe 15 min to heat up sufficiently, but is that the only drawback? Seems like a minimal tradeoff. I have a 12 75ah battery bank in the back so current draw is far from an issue. Enlighten me.

Oh and I live in Seattle so I think I need to preheat due to weather temps.

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