2009 VW jetta conversion

Looking to convert my 2009 jetta. any thoughts on this?


tucson AZ

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hit up greasecar.com they

hit up greasecar.com they have a simple system but there instructions arent the best when it comes to places to mount to system. if you dont know how to really work work on a car and only do the simple fluid and maybe brake changes then installing a kit isnt for you. the kits are great but they also viod your warranty so if you have one you can kiss it goodbye but if you dont or its about to expire then get that kit ready and get it in there. the kit comes with everything needed you wont need a extra pump or anything but just make sure the entire kit is installed because if the heat plate condenser isnt on your grease wont heat up past 125 on a warm day but i will say once its warm it runs better then the diesel itself

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