2006 LBZ Duramax using staight wvo+ addidtives

I own a 2006 GMC Seirra LBZ and I have been using wvo filtered and dewatered to 2 micron. I add %15 kerosene to thin the oil, 1% diesel, %5 gasoline for a complete burn and combust, Power service' Diesel Kleen+ cetane boost, and finally a diesel secret company additive. Now the problem i have been having is the engine light will come on when i step on the accelerator, I ran the code and it came back that the fuel rail pressure is too low. Now keep in mind the vicosity of the oilo is a bit thicker than regular diesel. The engine runs excellent on the oil, but it doesn't seem to get enough pressure in the rail when im trying to get moving... Any suggestions would be great thank, Robert -Las Vegas, NV

I have an 06 duramax that I

I have an 06 duramax that I have been running for approx 3500 miles on my wvo conversion. My check engine light started coming on recently. I put a clear piece of line after the underhood heat exchanger and saw tat I had 50% air 50% fuel.The truck would only idle as soon as i would drive it it would starve for fuel in about 3 miles. I did a total system check and found my system sound. I am going to add a fuel pump in hopes of meeting the demand. The lines coming from my secondary tank are 1/2 in which go into 3/8 in lines leading to my heat exchanger, injj pump. No check engine lights.

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