2004 dodge 5.9L turbo diesel fuel needed

Have been told to not run biodiesel in our 2004 dodge turbo diesel, due to the effects it will have on the fuel line system. We cannot always find premiere #1 diesel to run in the truck and therefore are unable to take it out of the state, esp, into Illinois(all u can find there is biodiesel). We know of one person who is constantly changing fuel filters in his ford diesel truck and runs biodiesel in it (Ill. resident) all the time, all he can find in Ill. Any answers?

hi your 04 should not have a

hi your 04 should not have a problem with bio it is 2007 and newer blu-tech that is a problem. i run b100 in my 1989,1985,1986, and three 1993 diesels,gmc, chev, mitsu, and dodge. I would warn about #1 as it is low in lube quality. im a truck driver and have no problem finding petro-diesel anywhere in any state. As for the ford and fuel filters, does he make his own fuel? if bio is quality it will clean out the fuel system and that will plug filters in trucks that run petro diesel. it takes about three filters to get the crud out of a truck with 100,000 miles on it, petro diesel is filthy. if you buy bio, you should test the quality. take 1 part water, 2 parts fuel and shake in a glass jar, let it sit. it should separate and the water an the bottom should be clear. if its white run dont walk away.

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