1998-2002 Dodge Cummins 24 valve

Anyone ever do a conversion on one of theses with the VP-44? Am I asking for trouble?

I have heard that this

I have heard that this conversion is not such a problem. The real issue stems from the reliability of the Cummins 24v VP-44 fuel injection pump. They are notorious for crapping out in the event of a fuel pump failure (I had this happen on my 02 Ram) So the same rule applies for WVO- install a fuel pressure gauge, as well as use a good HD fuel pump. Many go with the FASS system. I plan on converting my 02 and hope to have trouble-free miles.

The problem of the pump

The problem of the pump going out can be remedied by maintaining a pressure of 5gpm + a good pump like a "Mallory 4060Fi High Performance Electric Fuel Pump" should easily maintain the pressure required.
The real problem is that to use WVO you must heat the oil before it reaches your IP.... otherwise it is too thick to burn. A HIH system (hose in hose) is one way to alevieate this problem.. but that makes other problems because the VP-44 uses the fuel to cool its computer.... and hot oil doesn't cool well.
For more information from people who are better informed than I... I'd recomend visiting this posting:


i have an 05 cummins and i

i have an 05 cummins and i have no problems with running wvo.
My oly issue is with water seeing that my system requires a sensitive waterblock filter!!
i get 19.1 mpg with my brew as aposed to 15mpg max with diesel.
my new 08 dodge 2500 6.7 liter is getting the brew next!!!

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