1991 F-350 home conversion

Hi I was wondering on how to do a home made conversion for running WVO in my truck. Heres what I thought of doing, I have dual tanks, so I would put a rubber oilpan heater up under the tank to heat it and use a power inverter to run it, then on the fuel line put a goldenrod filter inline and replace the fuel lines with the solvent resistant ones. I would start it up on petroleum diesel and run it for about 10 minutes then switch to the waste oil, then on shut down switch back to petroleum diesel, I live in Alaska so I might not be able to run it in the winter right? becuase it will harden up and clog?


email me edson_henriquez@hotmail.com with your question.
I have a passat tdi 1996 and live in Quebec cANADA WHERE IT GETS TO -30 CELCIOUS IN THE WINTER AND i STILL RUNIT ON A 2 TANK SYSTEM. Must have a screen filter for your wvo so it wont clog up. Paper is no good.

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