1970 Chevy C20 6.2L Diesel about to be Converted

On October 22 my truck will be converted to VO by Evergreen Motors in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The diesel (an early 90's Mr Goodwrench) was installed and the truck upgraded from a 1/2 ton to a 3/4 ton truck by B & C Autobody in Fryeburg, Maine. It is a shortbed fleetside which was only made manufactured in the 1/2 ton version so this is a most unique truck in and of itself. I have owned it for 30 years and B&C has done an excellent job over the last 5 years of restoring the body and now the entire engine and drivetrain. The transmission is the only original part of that remaining. I already run 20% bio in the diesel which takes away all the diesel odor and greatly reduces the polution emissions. My wife and I plan to drive it cross country within the next few years so could have a travel log to contribute. Wyatt Wade

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