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"One of the goals of Green Diesels is to share the knowledge of vegetable oil use in a diesel engine. The two ways we do this are through teaching workshops and working hands-on with vehicle owners to convert their own diesels. We continually test new products and strategies to offer the most durable and user friendly products available. [...]

Green diesels designs and installs custom fuel systems that utilize pure vegetable oil as fuel. We charge $25/hour labor on these systems. The total price, with parts, ranges from $1000 to $1800 for a car. Trucks range from $1200 to $3200.

We work with the vehicle's owners to design a system that suits their needs. We encourage the owner to participate in part/all of the installation process. This gives owners an extra edge when it comes to maintaining their own systems.

We will install conversion kits from any of our competitors at a rate of $30/hour. We have experience with most major SVO system manufacturers."

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