Green-Trust Heat & Power System

"Green-Trust's combined heat & power system (VeggieGen) is under construction. The core of the system is a Detroit Diesel 2-71 12.5kw water cooled diesel generator provided by Affordable Power. This is fueled with a homemade veggie oil conversion system designed by Green Trust. The cooling system will pre-heat our domestic hot water (propane primary) with a heat exchanger, and the DHW system will keep the engine warm on cold nights for easy restarts.

Photo's of the VeggieGen, oil processing, and equipment can be found in our photo album.

This engine is a 2 cylinder, 142 cu. in. (71 x 2), 2-cycle, 40,000 hours between rebuild, 100% duty cycle (24x7x365) power plant. Parts are interchangeable with all the -71 series DD engines. See How Stuff Works for explanation of how a 2 stroke diesel works."

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