College Students Looking For Veg Oil Advice

Hello everyone,

We are six college students (new to this message board) from Santa Clarita, CA, who are about to set out on a cross country road trip in our 65 passenger 1987 Chevy bus that we converted to run on waste vegetable oil. We have been communicating with Whole Foods Markets, and some of them have offered to donate their oil to us. But since we plan to go across the country and we have had a hard time locating a reliable source we were wondering if anyone on this board had any suggestions, recommendations or advice.

Thanks for the help.

Nick, Kendal, Katie, Britney, James and Nick J.


Dont count on whole foods. Much of what they put in their containers out here on the east cost is fat and drippings. Would love to fill you up when you make it out this way. Drop us a line.

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