350 ford

I would like to run my truck on wvo how can i do this?

first of all, I don't really

first of all, I don't really know how the last post was supposed to help. It's very simple to just point someone in the right direction. You have 2 options, either convert the car to run on WVO or convert the oil to biodiesel.

for wvo either read stuff on this forum or check out:


and for BD I usually go to:


You may have already figured all this out, but I just thought I'd make some suggestions

7.3 vef/conversion parts and instructions

I have a 7.3 ford f350 I wish to convert it to veg. I would like to have the list of all parts needed, instructions on the installation of the kit including the tank.
I at the present have a 140 gal diamond plate aux. fuel tank mounted in the bed and I can modify the tank and mount the water heat exchanger coil inside the tank by cutting a large moutinh hole on the top of the tank and alsp insulating the top, sides, and the ends with sterophom including the bottom of the tank. I will place electric water heater heating elements inside the tank to heat the fue.The elements will accomindate house hole and generator AV curreent voltage. Please send me your recomendations and the parts I will need.
Also please in detail give me all the parts I will need.

Thank you. If you wish you can call me on my cell telephone at 772 539 9139

Jim Ward

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