Chevy G30 Van 6.2 conversion

We are looking for help and advice in converting a 1991 G30 Chevy van with a 6.2 liter diesel engine. We want to use waste vegetable oil for which we have a good source. We live near Albany NY. Is someone willing to share some knowledge and advice with us?

Hej Jag är från Värmland,

Jag är från Värmland, och just började att kolla runt för att convertera min g20
Hur har det gått för dig
har du någon råd?

English translation:

I'm from Varmland, and just started to look around to Convert my G20
How has it been for you
have you any advice?

GM P35 6.2 diesel

I converted my truck to run on veggie oil i tryed it twice now and no difference so far exept my veggie oil tank fuel level stayin the same and a light smell of ... barbecue ... so far so good heard the Injection pumps on these old 6.2 were weak but i'ts worth a try with the cost of diesel these days ...

I too am thinking of

I too am thinking of converting my van and I also heard a report of the injector pump being weak. How is the conversion working out for all of you?

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