98 series 6 port valve need fuel return diagrams

I have a 2 tank system for 2006 cummins, doing it myself and have FASS pump, Hot Fox in vegi tank exchanger and 30 plate heat exchanger up front. I need to run FASS for both diesel and vegi , and so I am placing 98series 6 port before the FASS. My concern is the 2 returns to the 6 port??? I realize that diesel and oil will run in the same line up to flat plate and then injector pump and so the return line will also be single going back to the 6 port or should I have it run back to vegi tank. I was considering this way so that I can use the FASS for both tanks , also planning on diluting VO with diesel as living above 7000 ft in Utah and want no problems. Running heated diesel straight wouldn't be a problem???? So my consideration was to have the return overflow all head back to vegi tank, but what about the 6 port return valves. Not running any automatic purge system thought it would be easy enough to hit a switch manually. I realize if I ran FASS on the VO tank alone and 6 port up front before flat plate I wouldn't have this configuration problem , but I want the benefit from the FASS for both Fuels. If anyone has a thought on this dilemma and lets me know how I can configure the return line back from injector pump I would be Thankful

Dodge fuel routing

What are you trying to achieve? I think you are going down the wrong direction by combining the fuel systems. You have a nice expensive truck. You want your veggie (secondary) fuel system to be totally independent. You will have a veggie problem, the pump will fail, the filter will plug or and electrical problem. Consider what will happen to the operation of the truck. Will you stall pulling onto the freeway? Will you be stranded?

By opinion is you want the two systems to meet before the IP with check valves. You want a timed delayed 3 port on the return line to send veggie back to the veggie tank and diesel back to the diesel tank.

I am working on getting a dodge system up in public domain but for now take a look at the ford, there are some significant differences but similar in concept.


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