Are you the 100th Grease Monkey?

Hey Grease Monkeys!!

I have created a database for veggie vehicle friendly food institutions: The site allows restaurants to register themselves and download a form that tells them how to drain, strain, and store their oil for veggie voyager pickup (right from the fryolator through a 100 micron strainer into a covered barrel on wheels kept indoors to minimize larger sediment and keep water out of the oil). Then veggie voyagers may look them up by state or zip, call early to set up a pickup time, drop by, and fuel up. Thing is, the database is currently thin right now . . . so I am reaching out to the veggie-voyaging community to help populate it. The database is currently free to join and requires a little bit of work on the part of the restaurant, in that they will have to source the barrel (free from car washes, though the tops would have to be cut off) and purchase barrel rollers and a barrel strainer. This is where y'all come in: if you would like to be a 100th Grease Monkey rep and set up this system at restaurants in your area, you will be doing great service to the cause of a decentralized "back-door gas station" network of restaurants. By next year, when 100th Grease Monkey catches on, there will be a $25 registration fee for restaurants to join; all of which will go to the rep that signed them (there will also be a $10 monthly fee; still much less than their oil pickup service). If you are interested, you may download the invitation flyer to bring in to restaurants from the "What the?" page on 100th Grease Monkey. I am going to promote the hell out of this site out here in LA, and when it catches on, those who become 100th Grease Monkeys now will enjoy the fruits of getting back to the roots!! Please give me a call if you have any questions: 781 363 6767. Viva la Vegelucion!!

Alas, WVO culture has

Alas, WVO culture has evolved since this last writing; and so has the method by which 100th Grease Monkey would care to do business. Hopefully within the next few months we'll actually be able to help people!

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