wvo for gas cars

wvo is it used only for diesel eng's? or is there a conversion kit for gas burners dalewinningham@hotmail.com

no wvo for gassers

Sorry, Dale. WVO (or any oil or similar viscosity) won't burn in gassers. To be sure, there might be ways, but the modifications required would be prohibitively expensive and with all the engineering you end up with something approaching a diesel engine anyway (or a gas engine running a few drops of WVO mixed in).

It all comes down to the fact the when heated to about 80C, wvo acts much like diesel fuel in its volatility/burn duration/etc. If you could get diesel to run in your gas engine, then (in theory) you could get wvo to do so. But's it far cheaper (and easier) to just go out and get a diesel vehicle (especially now with diesel prices, you can get some choice vehicles CHEAP!

I wonder if this is actually

I wonder if this is actually true. I have an injected 302 ford. When my Mercedes wvo conversion project is done I was going to look into mixing wvo with ethanol and gasoline. The problem comes down to an ignition issue. Diesels have a very high compression. Gasoline engines have much lower compression ratios. The diesels use the heat of compression to ignite the fuel charge. Because gasoline is much more volatile it will ignite from a spark at the lower compression. Diesel fuel will not but diesel has more energy stored in it. Gasoline has about 83.4 megajoules per liter of energy. Diesel has 38.6 megajoules per liter and Ethanol only has 23.5 megajoules per liter. But Ethanol is volatile. I wonder if a mixture of gasoline, ethanol and wvo couldn't be used in a gasoline engine. Even if you are only using 25% wvo that still is a good savings over pump gas. But doing the mixing in your garage would be hazardous to say the lest.

I just did a little number crunching. If wvo has the same megajoules per liter as diesel, and it probably is close, then two parts gasoline, one part ethanol and one part wvo would have a megajoules per liter of 32.9. This is actually pretty good when compared to ethanol gasoline mix. The ten percent ethanol to gasoline mix you get at the pump has a megajoules per liter of 33.6 so 32.9 isn't that bad. But I think I will try it in my lawn mower first.

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