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someone please help.
I strain or screen the oil before pouring it into the 55 gallon drum, add the kerosene, gas and additives, but the filters seem to keep clogging, not only costing me a fortune for filter replacement, but poor (at best) flow to the vehicle. I have been using the winter blend and thinning as much as possible, but no go. I cant begin to describe the frustration. If its not the 10-20 Micron filter clogging, then its the 5 Micron or the water block. What am I doing wrong?

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Dear Bill,

We've run across the same issues (and we still do). We run our Isuzu FTRs on WVO; they're 26,000 GVW vehicles, and they have very touchy engines. A friend suggested mixing one gallon of the cheapest motor oil with the least preservatives into a fifty gallon mix, along with one gallon of kerosene. Sure enough, it raised the octane level and gave us a smooth burn with plenty of power. Be careful, though, because motor oil is like steroids for diesel engines. Too much, and you can burn your engine up. Just add one gallon, that's all, hold on tight, and you'll feel the difference, I guarantee it.

Let me know how it works for you,
CMTR Moving Services, LLC

Hey guys I have been

Hey guys

I have been filtering my WVO since Feb 2007 and running it strait in the truck for most of the year. I have a system set up with Hydroblock filter they are $12 each you can get them at Farm & fleet. They go to 10 mic and I filter all of my oil with a bag fillter set up first, then run it to a T 1 line goes back to the 55gl drum the other end goes to the raycor hydroblock then to the handel and into the truck.

If you are going to heat the oil, heat it to 130 or so then let it cool to about 80 then start filtering it. NOTE if you have your oil at 100 to 120 and filter it you will remove the water but not the fats they will pass right thew the filter then you will put them into your gas tank they will jell & clouge up you cars fillter.

By cool filltering the oil you will use less filters on you truck or car. I have 3 Trucks & we process about 150 gal a week. Oh crap, only get CLEAR FRY OIL I have gotten the Hydrog crap and it eats up your filters. Arby's nationaly uses clear fryoil and its all I use. We have aggements with 6 stores to get oil from them.

If you want I can send photos of my set up and show you how I have been doing it. Email me at

I hope this helps.

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