Duramax 6.6L WVO conversion

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with the duramx diesel ingine that I would like to convert to run on WVO. I have been reading as much as possible on the net but there is not much info on converting the Duramax. I know that Greasel has a conversion but I wonder if there is a better one available.

I have also read that the diesel fuel is used to cool the CPU on my truck and that using hot WVO could potentially damage the CPU.

If anyone has converted a duramax please respond with your thoughts.


06 duramax

I am also looking for info. Have you found out anything ? I have been told by a conversion company that it may not be possible.But nothing definite or a reason why not. If you have any info please write to lhaika@netzero.com thank you ,Steve

Duramax veg oil conversion

I have worked on a 2002 converted with a greasel kit. The system is simple and worked ok but lacked any final heat reqiured if you plan on burning the oil in temps. below 60* F outside temps.
They ran the veg fuel through ecu and through the stock diesel filter then on to the injection system. with a looped return. The ecu is cooled by the fuel so it got hot buy not enough to cause problems but my personal take is you need to heat fuel above 160* F tio have a cleaner burn.

More info

Duramax Veg Oil Conversion

I run a 2 tank GFS system on a 2003 Duramax and have for about the last 30k miles. The fuel runs through the lift pump and module on the discharge side of the stock filter. I run an 80 gallon voyager with a Hotfox, 3B hose, and no additional heat. In the winter, you really need to wrap the stock fuel filter just to hold some temperature. Bad thing is, it is within a few mm of the head and not easy to access. May put a different filter on with a more accessible mount. But to answer your question, it can be done, and actually works quite well....


Can you post or send photos the layout that works? I have a duramax and want to convert to WVO.


I just finished an 02'Duramax the right way! Contact Craig reese with Plant-drive. You need to build a completely separate fuel system that allows fossil mfuel diesel from the stock tank to continue to flow through the FICM. It reguires an extra Valve, pump, and some extra thought. But worth it!

04 Duramax 6.6 WVO

Hey all, can you give some more info? I am wondering if I filter it very well, and heat it slightly above its gelling point with a mix of say 20%d and 80%WVO

This should work fine right?

If not, can someone please point me where someone has completed these conversion, and the price involved with it?



I helped convert a friends 2003 duramax with a GFS kit. It has been running on WVO from the restaurants he owns.

Over a year and running strong.

I'm ready to convert my 2003 Duramax.

How To Convert

I was reading your blog and wanted to find out how I could convert my 2003 Duramax diesel Silverado pickup to be more fuel efficient. Can someone please help?


I have a 2002 duramax running 50%wvoand 50% diesel for about a month filter to2 mic.and sent to the stock fuel tank so far starts and runs great very little smoke when hammering the gas.The engine run so smooth it's like a newer unit.



have you had any issues

have you had any issues running 50/50? i have a powerstroke and have been running 50/50 for 3 years now and everything is good. but with 300k on it i just toated and injector and am considering a duramax but would like to run the 50/50 again. any insight would be appreciated

thanks nick

Nick, I converted my 2007.5

Nick, I converted my 2007.5 LMM DMax and now I have a worthless engine. The SVO was filtered and centrifuged, but it somehow leaked past the piston rings and contaminated the engine oil. It polymerized the engine oil and turned it into a plastic, jello-like gunk. I tore the engine apart and found I spun a main bearing. If this doesn't turn you away from the idea of converting a DMax, do LOTS of research on polymerization and fuel (SVO or diesel) leakage past the piston rings.
I have pics if anyone is interested danbert513@gmail.com

"it somehow leaked past the

"it somehow leaked past the injection rings and contaminated the engine oil."

This is due to the DPF post injection cycle. All 2007+ diesels have these systems in place and experience oil dilution, even with diesel fuel. It's just not as bad with diesel. Bio & veg won't combust in the post injection cycle. This equipment is junk - reduces power, reduces mileage. Rip the filter out and do a DPF delete on the computer. Then you won't have any more issues. You're still producing less emissions running BD or VO than with D2.


I am purchasing a 2005 silverado 2500 with a Duramax 6.6 and need info on conversion to WVO. I have heard that the FICM(fuel injection control modual) is cooled by the fuel somewhere on the return line near or on the engine. Does anyone know if (1) does the heat from 160+ degrees VO cause damage to the FICM and if so (2) is there a way to relocate the FICM to a part of the return line that is not in the VO path. Any info would help greatly.


Be careful and keep a eye on

Be careful and keep a eye on your engine oil dipstick!! Very experienced wvo user. Did a two tank conversion on a 2003 silverado. Injector cracked on a 1000 mile journey (and did not realize till next day). got home from the trip and parked it. went to start it next day, low oil pressure light came shut it off immediatly, pulled the dipstick cranckcase was full of JELLO!!!! Injector must have cracked sometime throughout the trip and filled the case with wvo. It broke down and turned all the oil in the case to jello. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!! Now a possible 12000 motor due to scored bearings. but im still ripping it apart! This is the first duramax i did and will never do another. Have done 5 others all cummins and no problems

Anonymous Greaser: The

Anonymous Greaser: The injector issue you expereinced is a GM thing. They corrected these Bosch injectors on the LLY (2004.5 +). The LB7's had these issues (01'-04). If you injectors have been replaced, you shouldn't have any issues. I am also looing for a good kit or schematic for my 2004.5 LLY duramax. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks. SFKruger9456@gmail.com

Try the factory gm manual.

Try the factory gm manual. Maybe the library. I purchased a set for my 06/07 and it has the schematic for the fuel system. I am going to a company in Pasadena that does these conversions,

Hi Gary, I have an 04 LLY

Hi Gary,
I have an 04 LLY Dmax which I love and have been collecting oil for 2 yrs waiting for a reliable system to show up on the market. Looks like the Greasecar was your choice, wondering how it's going and if hyou considered golden fuel or vegpower at all.

I have put on 124000 miles on

I have put on 124000 miles on my 03 duramax. started with a greasel kit. But ended up taking it off and building my own.I have several trucks and have logged over 300,000 miles on grease in MN. I run when it is 54 below with no problems. I have created 3 different water heated filters u can see them on ebay right now. Look in auto parts for svo heated filter. U will see what I have done to solve the waxing problem along with making sure u dont starve the engion for fuel

I am prepared to instal a

I am prepared to instal a golden fuel system, I bought the components myself to save a few bucks now I need installaton info. simply put, I just need to know where to hook in the fuel and coolant lines. 2004.5 LLY engine. A diagram or pics would be greatly appreciated.


I have been running a 2002

I have been running a 2002 GMC Sierra with the duramax for about 9K on grease. I got a greasecar kit but had to do some moding to the FICM. I just put some extra line that pulls from the regular tank, through the FICM, and pack into the Diesel return. It's working great.

Had a GFS kit installed on my

Had a GFS kit installed on my 02 Duramax Silverado in October 2009. I have about 5000 miles since then, mostly WVO (a few trips collecting large amounts of WVO), with no problems. The only close to problem I had was in 20 deg weather in the mountains when fuel pressure was about -20 as opposed to the usual +7. This was the original fuel filter so I changed it the next day with another one (only $8) and back to normal. Possible fuel lines were cold even through the coolant line bundling, but its good to go now.

I have two 40 gallon tanks in the bed, each with the 2 micron RACOR filter. Oil is pretty clean by the time it gets to the engine. I start off with heating to about 100-125 deg with a band heater on 55 gallon drum, after a few days the oil is awesome clear, then put it though 75 micron strainer, then 5 micron gravity bag filter, then pump to the secondary 'dirty' tank. It gets filtered to 2 micron as it goes to the primary fuel WVO tank. Then it gets another 2 microns on its way to the engine. I had it installed by Full Circle Fuels in OH and happy with the install and their service.

I have a 2003 Duramax, I have

I have a 2003 Duramax, I have running 100% Bio Diesel made from waste veg oil. No Problems so far, 50,000 plus miles. As mentioned above, when the weather gets cold you need to run about 10% regular diesel.

Hello, I have been running

Hello, I have been running WVO for about 5 years. I was very successful with it in my Powerstrokes. About 50k plus with WVO on both. I now put it in 06 Duramax LBZ. It ended up being a way bigger project than I thought. The Fords are much easier to convert. Every thing seems to be running ok, so far. I seem to be having a problem with getting heat. I T-fit the coolant loop into the heater-core lines under the hood next to the firewall. Now the truck seems to be running alot cooler than normal. Stock it ran at 215 F, now converted its only getting up to 175 F. I can barley get heat in the cab. The WVO tank only hits temps of 75-90 F. I have no pinches or kinks in the HOH. How would you recommend plumbing the coolant? I am also getting more than normal white smoke while running on wvo. Is that due to low veg temps? I do run very good oil. Thanks

Please email me at mikej5150@hotmail.com

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