Problems with Cummins engine from SVO

I recently bought an '04 dodge an am deciding whether to make biodiesel or switch to svo. Is there anyone out there with a cummin's engine who has switched to svo, has a lot of miles since the switch, and had or NOT had problems? Tell me about your experience. Thanks

'98 dodge

Want to do a conversion on my '98 Dodge but want to know if i have to flip my return line to tank over as well? M going to as a precaution but don't know of i have to? How long after switchin do I have to turn over the return line? What type of milage do you get? Same as diesel? How do I get a custom tank for the wvo? Who should I ask to build it? Confused in TO Ont Canada.

2oo5 wvo con version

Hi I have a 2005 cummins, I plan on converting to wvo do you have any suggestions for, or do I need an additional lift pump, if so will a holley blue fuel pump work. How do I set up 3port valves and checkvalves also heard should use 6port switch, What is better? Where can I get sock filter style? Do I need that style? what is the best for the money! For prefiltering wvo thanks ,8ball

answer to question

i have a 04 3500 Dodge that i switched to svo in aug. 2006 i have about 17,000 miles on svo with no problems the key is clean the oil and you wont have to change the truck filter as often. I recommend strain the wvo through a 400 micron screen then heat and filter through a 20 micron and then through a 5 micron then run through a water blocker filter. works great wish i had done this 10 years ago.

04 dodge

What type of conversion did you do to your truck or are you running straight waste oil in your fuel tank?

04.5 Ram 2500 Cummins WVO info

Curious if you or anyone out there would recommend a kit. I am looking at a Golden Fuel System and would like to know the pros and cons of anything else out there. I am also interesed in possibly doing one myself if I can find out the necessary parts..I just need to know if I need a FASS pump or not or run a 12v aux pump only. Has anyone out there used the Griffin filters in the racor housings, as I would like to know if they work as well as the Racor Aquablocs.

go for svo

i would go with svo
we use it in all our vans at
we are agricultural contract engineers with the pig and poultry industry in the uk.
there are lots of farmers with generators with cummins engines and even 1100kva rollers and they have had no problems with svo switch from deisel, i tell you something it has been the best move i have made and am even converting everything with all the farms i go to, i am amazed that it is not catching on quicker
you can also find as at
or send us an email
hope you and your family are well
neil wood from the Scottish Borders


I have a 2006 cummings is it ok to run WVO in it without porblems and do I have to convert the engine in anyway. Thanks Ron


I have a 2006 cummings is it ok to run WVO in it without porblems and do I have to convert the engine in anyway. Thanks Ron

Hello everyone, My name is

Hello everyone,

My name is Adam West and I work at fossil free fuel. As far as running the newer common rails on veg, there is no problem. They do use quite a bit of fuel so high flow valves are recomended. I have an 05' that I am converting this week and I don't have one worry at all in doing so. The key to any kit is lots of heat, and just to make sure that the work is of a quality job. If it isn't done well the oil might not get hot enough, there could be cross over contamination, there might be air leaks, and the fuel system could just not get enough pressure. I just started working at fossil free fuel a month ago, and I think that they have the best kit available hands down. They make all of there own in tank heat exchangers, filter housings, only use flat plates, and use the best valves possible. All of the materials and some of the best, and most all of our fittings are jic quick disconnect for easy service. The price of a good conversion isn't exactly cheap, but it is a lot less then the cost of rebuilding your engine after a lovecraft system has been installed. I hope that this helps some of the people who are a bit skeptical, and that they will soon be converted to the good side :) . is our site, our new site will be up shortly though. Hope everyone has good luck in there conversion's and feel free to call with questions about our kit.

I had problems with my injectors


I just had my injectors replaced in my 06 Megacab with 48k miles on it. The service manager said that they are starting to see some problems with that year. They replaced the injectors with a new style. About 4,000 of work that was coverted under warranty. Your dealer can run a fuel system test on your truck to see what the problem is.

same truck running svo about

same truck running svo about the same amout of time or more jusy pulled injectors it was running ruff . had two bad and only on passed all the tests.i dont know if i have not getting oil hot enough or what the tips were tared up ,i am going to try 90 hp tips now and double check my oil temps at the engine,

04 cummins 30,000.00

I'm running a Cummins 04 3500 for 30,000 miles now and other than some issues from really crappy workmanship on the installation it has run great. However, I am just noticing an engine knock while cold just after 1 grand on the tach as I accelerate. Seems to quiet down after 1 1/2. Also seems to clear up altogether after totally warmed up. Does this with both pump diesel and svo. May have nothing to do with svo but how would one know. Any ideas regarding what this symptom may be? Truck is at about 62000 miles now and have run it on svo since about 35000.

i have a 99 24 valve running

i have a 99 24 valve running on blended wvo 17000 miles no problems motor has better power but gets a few les mpgs
also runs smoother and quieter no truck modifications

I have an 01 24 valve and an

I have an 01 24 valve and an unlimited supply of wvo. What is the best way to filter it? You said you was running it blended, with diesel or what? I have heard of people running it straight, have you tried it? Any help would be appreciated

In all honesty, Im using the

In all honesty, Im using the Diesel Secret Energy method but with out the secret ingredient. I really works well. I know there is alot of skepticism on it but hay if it works, use it. Its been good to me. No conversion kits to buy or set up, no modifications to do nothing nada. Just clean it, blend it and pump it in. The blend consist of kerosene or diesel, unleaded gas, and diesel kleen injector kleener. I firts filter oil through filter socks of 100, 75, 35 10 micron. (oil is heated for better filtration and water removal) I filter it out with 3 household water filters and 1 goldenrod water block filter. Then refilter it again through 2 industrial biodiesel 2 micron waterblock and sediment filter. after all that is goes into my tank. I love it!

Cool, I have a 2004 High

Cool, I have a 2004 High Output cummins that has been running on and off on blended wvo for over 50k miles and it running great! What I do Is run the tank on the blend of wvo/kero/rug/diesel kleen injector cleaner. After running around 3 tanks of wvo oil I fill up 1/4 of empty tank with regular diesel to just clean up the lines. I doubt they are dirty but I just do it for maintenance purposes. Engine run super quiet and smooth. I did have a problem with my fuel pump going out but the cummins mechanic said due to the pump being connected to the engine block caused it to seriously overheat. They installed a new pump kit inside the fuel tank and I havent had any problems since. One more thing, I super duper clean my oil down to 2 microns. Its really clean.

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