Best MPG WVO Vehicle is a VW Rabbit?

Would I be correct to guess that the best mpg wvo vehicle is an old VW Rabbit or a version of it like the VW pickup? I hear the pickups get around 45-50mpg, which is better than almost all cars produced today.

Is there wvo road vehicle out there (motorcycles excluded) that gets better mpg that the VW Rabbit?

Toyota Prius

I live in Denver CO and my wife and myself have a toyota prius. The average mpg it gets in teh high country is 56mpg.

Scott Dagastino

Prius... 56 mpg?

I guess you could get 56 mpg if you take all the weight and passengers out of the prius (except the driver of course)turn all the electronics off including radio, headlights, A/C and drive down hill with the wind. More like 35 mpg with the average driving style and hope you don't have heavy passengers or need to drive up any big hills or into the wind.

The recycled fuel to use would be WBP (waste battery packs - sarcasm -) not WVO. I think you can pick up WBP for dirt cheap since they only last about 100,000 miles (diesels last over 300,000 miles and some cost around $3500 to replace) before you spend $5000 to replace and this is the price with out any software updates or upgrades toyota may have (anyone frustrated yet with windows vista?).

As you can tell I don't care much for the hybrid technology that is coming out... It is a big scam so the car companies can get people to start buying disposable cars. I am not buying into the hybrid hype and I hope the rest of you don't fall for it... I will stick to my fuel sipping, long lasting, low depreciation, garbage drinking diesel...

"Best MPG WVO vehicle is a VW Rabbit?" I personally think the VW rabbit diesel is one of the better vehicle out there for WVO... its a simple motor to work on and they are built to run a long time and get great mpg. The only other vehicle that maybe able to beat it would be some of the newer jetta TDi's although they are more complex to work on and only a few MPG better. If you live out of the US another option to look into would be the Smart Car ForTwo CDi it gets around 70mpg

There are occasionally some VW rabbit diesels for sale at

VW Rabbit Deisel

79 Rabbit deisel will get 48mpg with a four speed and 54 mpg with 5 speed.I have both and would like to know how a rabbit fares on biodeisel. Will my mileage decrease or be the same. I would like to convert but would like to know.

I'm using Dino Diesel in my

I'm using Dino Diesel in my 81 VW pickup truck. I get about 45 mpg around town.

I want to convert to WVO and I also have NO intention of running junk through the pump and injectors.

I am considering buying one

I am considering buying one of these old VW rabbit pickups to restore (at least enough to get 'er rolling), and I'm interested in running WVO... but does the lower compression of the old NATURALLY ASPIRATED ENGINES perform as well with WVO as the the newer TURBO'd ENGINES do??

Lower?? The na 1.6 diesel has

Lower?? The na 1.6 diesel has 23.5:1 and the newer tdi runs 19.5:1. That makes the na engines significantly higher compression. Both run great on wvo as long as the old rubber seals in the injection pump and rubber hoses are converted. Otherwise they fail rather quickly.... Been there, done it.

did you get the seals

did you get the seals replaced at a shop or was it easily done at home? where did you source the parts for the pump etc.
just bought an 82 vw rabbit pickup and would love to run on wvo too!

79 4 door 5speed

79 4 door 5speed rabbit
Reseal the pump myself EASY!! (videos on youtube of the tdi)
less then an hour reseal $25- pump stays on car

NEED a 2 tank system!!!!!
My 6.5l gmc diesel will start right at freezing levels with WVO, but the rabbit will not start with a 50/50 mix of oil at 60degrees F

Ebay bought a VE pump seal kit for a Cummins Diesel fits older VW

Love the rabbit, wish it was turbo (the 1.5L not good for adding turbo)

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