Dodge cummins 24v

I have 2 diesel trucks one of them I run WVO in the other is a 2001 dodge ram with a 24v engine. I've been told these motors dont do well with WVO but I was wondering if anyone knew how they run on Biodiesel.

'03 Dodge Cummins Conversion

I had my '03 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins converted to run on waste vegetable oil about 6 months ago. No problems at all. Saving about $350.00 a month on fuel. The veg oil is free. Truck runs great. I have a 2 tank system with a 45 gal veg oil tank on the bed. I have been told that '03 and newer Rams are best to convert as they have a different lift pump than the prior. Good luck guys

Problem with these trucks is

Problem with these trucks is not the engine its self but the VP44 injection pump. These electronic controlled pumps are very picky about the fuel pressure from the lift pump. Your two main concerns will be the viscosity of your oil and pressure from your lift pump feeding injection pump.

Biodiesel from a station should be fine but I would still replace your lift pump with something aftermarket that is designed for a slightly higher viscosity.

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