stickey fuel controle valve

I have been running veggie in my 87 mercedes 300 sdl for eight months. For the last two days it doesn't want to shut down, probably a stickey fuel control valve. What will clean it without dismantling the injector pump? Thanks, James.

RE :stickey fuel controle valve

You have a vacuum problem nothing todo with WGO


This diesel shuts off using vacuum. If your vacuum is low or leaking, the vehicle will not shut off using the key. You have to open the hood and push the SHUT OFF plate near the top of the engine in the fuel linkage.

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Vacuum leaks are common and will keep the door locks, climate control, and engine shut off from working. The shut off valve, located on the back of the injection pump, can fail. It is vacuum operated and the diaphragm can tear. Vacuum test this valve. If it holds vacuum keep looking for other vacuum leaks, if it leaks replace it.

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