93 Dodge Cummins conversion??

I've got a 1993 dodge cummins, auto tranny, 2 wheel drive. I'm interested in converting it.
anyone out there have experience they'd like to share?
I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you.

93 dodge wvo

I run my 95 on wvo. I use a two tank system with seperate fuel pump and filter. It runs fine when heated up. In the summer that takes about 5+ miles,now in the winter I can only use it on long drives as it needs 20 or so miles to heat up. I have had a problem with my electric fuel pump. It can't deliver enough wvo now it cold weather. Jim

93 dodge wvo


mine's a '93 as well. how did you get there, did you get a custom system or build one yourself?

How do you know when the wvo is warm enough?

I've seen 150 degF suggested for Ford, is there a recommendation for Dodge?

What filters did you install?

Thanks for any more suggestions.


i have a cummins n14 hyway

i have a cummins n14 hyway tractor (92) engine thats being replaced with 6 new injectors as we speak 800$ a pop the origional injectors had brass pintles and the veg oil i ran threw it ate them out.

Working presently on a 2000

Working presently on a 2000 Freightliner N14 Plus and wondering same. any tech tips would be helpful.
Seems as though the Celect computer monitors the fuels' pressure, vacuum, temp. etc...

Sincerest thanks

Kevin in Tacoma Wa.

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