300SD WVO Coversion: 2 tank or 1, what's the optimum set up?

I'm interested in converting my 82 MB 300SD into a grease burner and I'm a bit confused. I've got friends that swear by the 2 tank system, but others who say that this doesn't fix the problems associated with stock injectors and WVO. I also have a group of friends who run the Elsbett 1 tank system and they swear by it. Others say the 1 tank is a bear in the cold and not as reliable as the 2 tank. I don't know who is right and I thought I'd go outside of my little group of highly opinionated friends and ask some others. Any input, no matter how crazy, is appreciated. I'm planning on having this running in a few months.

2 tank works great for me

I have a '87 300TD Benz. I installed a second, 20gal tank. Works great. I would not have liked carrying less than abt 10 gals of diesel because I had to do some experimenting to get the veg sys working. Now I'm vegging very good and never fill the diesel more than 1/2 full (abt 9 gals).

As to injectors, sometimes I have some problems after running on veg, i.e., the engine stops. So, in the diesel tank I put some injector cleaning fluid. I also make sure that before I shut down the engine I run for at least 2 minutes or longer. I have about 2k miles on veg so far. :)

MB 300 SD conversion

Hi Ed.. I have the same questions that you have raised, same car and year as well. I live in San Pedro, Ca. and probably won't be driving in conditions colder that it gets in Los Angeles. I have the car picked out and am just waiting for a friend to turn it over to me and I am trying to get as much info as possible so that I don't reinvent the wheel and spend more money than is necessary.I hope that other MB 300 owners will help us out.I want to replace my 83 Suburban 2500 which is a gas guzzler. I mostly drive my wife's Prius but I need a larger vehicle to handle a lift for my mobility scooter. There is a lot of info available here on the internet but as you say there is a lot of conflicting opinion.I have not heard of the Elsbett system so I will check it out. Any suggestions that you have about operating your car up until now would be appreciated as I have had no experience with diesels other than driving rental diesel compacts on vacation in Europe and I loved them.I can email you offline with my phone # if you care to talk further. I also want to set up a minimal garage system for recycling WVO and will be posting on this site and others to see what other folks have to recommend. I'm glad that I've found this group..My email address is

Jack from San Pedro

MB 300SD

I also have a 1982 300SD. Jack - have you made progress toward a conversion? Please let us know.

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