7.3 powerstroke diesel engine

Did Ford make a 7.3litre powerstroke diesel for 2004 and newer.If not when did they stop making it.

It's my understanding that

It's my understanding that the 7.3 was available until the 2003 model year when Ford introduced the unfortunate 6.0L engine. Lots of information available at http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/index.php.

I personally prefer that forum to the www://www.powerstroke.org forum. Powerstroke.org seems to have more members interested in blowing black smoke out twin stacks than does the ford-trucks.com site. I've replaced my injection pump and injectors with help from ford-trucks.com members, as well as lots of other little fixes. They also have a small discussion area for alternative fuels specifically for the Ford truck.

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