best feedstock oil for biodiesel production?

Hi! Am wondering what's the best oil for biodiesel production? Irrespective of price and/or availability (let's pretend I'm King of the World for a day), which oils produce the best caliber finished product??

Thanks in advance! -- S. Sorukas

Re: feeds

I'm a professional in the UK (British) biodiesel industry.

Your question is a good one, but can't be answered simply.

I would tell you to become familar with EN 14214, and ASTM D 6751 - biodiesel standards inside out.

In doing so you will find that various OIL (triglyceride) feeds can produce different properties in the final B100 (Biodiesel) due to example:

Saturated/Unsaturated Methyl ester component variation....
e.g. Palmitic, Stearic, Oleic,Linolenic acid methyl ester etc etc

This will affect - CFPPs, MPs, Iodine Values, Densities, Cetane numbers and many others.

I believe in order to balance COST and fuel properties - WVO can be blended, pretreated etc with other oils to obtain the correct balancing act at the end.

In your question - it depends on the technology utilsed! - such as acid-pretreatment/base catalysis can make high yield B100 from WVO... which can have better Cetane than say

virgin Rape/Soy derived B100....

It's such a huge area.... I'm only showing you a little bit of it.

Hope this keeps you interested.

M in the UK

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