Ohhh the mistakes we made!!!!

We as rock climbers travel all over the US. Yes most of us are treehuggers and care about the environment and the food we put in our body. We have a climbing hold company that even recycles old holds. So the idea of recycled veggie oil was a dream come true. Read about our trip in the News section of Woodys Holds.

Here's the link: http://www.woodysholds.com

We however have not given up!!! We now have a Dodge soon to be a veggie truck. We are a little smarter (not much) Any and all tips welcome!!!

To Just Name Few...

Did you follow the link and read what happened to the oil? It turned to cottage cheese! THE most important thing is to detect if any veggie oil is getting into the motor oil so test the oil often. Early detection will prevent total failure as we had. I'll post later a more complete answer to what I would do if we had a "do over".

cottage cheese motor oil?

hi - there are a lot of links on the page you sent. did the veggie oil turn to cheese or the motor oil? yeah, thanks for posting any "do over" techniques or tips cause i'm about to get started and would love to hear the advice of an expert.

The Motor Oil turned to cottage cheese

The Motor Oil turned to cottage cheese. When the veggie oil leaks in and mixes with motor oil this chunky stuff happens!

Images Page

See the pictures under the heading of:

Then choose:
The Final Voyage of the HMS Herby

We pulled the dip stick out and you can see the dis-belief we felt.

Veggie Oil Achilles Heel

The mechanic Chris informed us that an internal fuel leak had lead to an eventual coagulation of vegetable oil and motor oil which created the heavy gelatin like substance that eventually ate away at Herbie's vital organs. We had discovered the Achilles Heel of vegetable oil powered vehicles. An oil change needs to be executed at the minimum number of miles, a new owner even should send in a sample of their motor oil to be tested for traces of leaking diesel to head off any potential problems.

I read from "The Veggie Bus [ 8/18/2007 ]" to end of all the entries. A good read when you have the time!

I wish you luck on the new truck!!!

Veggie Oil Achilles Heel

Diesel engines last a long long time if you change the oil frequently without fail. Any engine will last a long time with proper care. If you are not buying fuel then u should have enough left over to keep your vehicle in top running condition. This was the deciding factor for me. Of course I save 400 to 600 a month in fuel expense this way. Your mileage may vary.

Veggie Road Trip Suggestions?

Hey guys,

Sorry to hear about the downed vessel. I've got a veggie road trip in the works this summer (with a GMC short Bus) and I was wondering if I could get some specifics on your set up.

I read that you took 3 hours stops to drain water from your water separation unit? What exactly did you use for this?

Any help you could give would be awesomely appreciated.

Also, saw something on yours site about Georgia? I live in Athens, not sure if your near by.

My emails kevlittle@gmail.com


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