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I was wondering how can I possibly convert my freightliner columbia semi truck to run on veggie oil? I would love to know how to do this because the prices of diesel these days are high. It takes me about $500.00 to fuel up my truck.(220 GALLONS.)I would like to know atleast something that can help.

convert a semi to wvo

Howdy Mr. Trucker,
Since my gasoline car exploded over Lake Superior in 2002, I've been running an88 Ford F250 7.3l and a 76 Mercedes 300D on waste oil.
I imagine your freightliner has two fuel tanks already, probably linked in parallel?
Alls'you need are a couple of solenoid switch valves (I only know ones in 5/16 or 3/8 inch ID, but your truck probably has a larger ID fuel line, so you'll have to find the larger line. You may want to choose a larger ID for the tank you want to run on WVO.
I'm assuming you know the basics: one tank for starting on diesel/biodiesel, one tank for wvo. You'll probably want to have separate filters for diesel and wvo, because you don't want to stall a big rig like that at highway speeds!
You can make a cheapo heat exchanger/filter by tee-ing into your heater coolant and wrapping the hose around your cheapo-veggie oil filter (15 micron minimum; 10 better) and adding some sort of backup electric heater (two Vegtherm Megas?). And, come to think of it, you'd probably want a GOOD coolant heat exchanger, cuz if you're truckin' you probably go through lots of sudden temp changes (mountains, sudden cold fronts, etc). Check out, Greasel, etc).
And get a free meal from the truck stops for picking up their used cooking grease!
YOu also will want to add a temp gauge and pressure gauge for when you're running on veggie, so you know the oil is hot enough (150 F min) and the filter's not starting to clog (pressure gauge increase reading). Hope that helps.


You don't know what you're talking about! Do not listen to this guy. Do some more research before you screw you rig up. Don't want to destroy the thing that pays the bills.

wvo for big rig

what where is the research, have dump truck, would like to do the same, but have no practical experience, ie a greaser for a daily driver, most sites ive visited want money,guess like everything in life you have to drop some coin. Ive read of school buses and munis using some.

Hello ,,,

This is ,revren asmon, I will like to know if you can fabericate some(Semi Truck Conversion) for me and as soon as it is done and paid for it will be picked up from your locations okay so i will need you to get back to me with the total qoute for the following (Semi Truck Conversion)without installtion but i need the total cost with tax only ok i will handle the installation my self. This is what I need. Okay I will like to order those and i will handle the installation my self okay i will need you to get back to me with the pick up price for the two (Semi Truck Conversion)okay. Also what types of CreditCard do you accept? I will be looking forward to your reply Thank You For

The Time.

Listen closely: If you want

Listen closely: If you want to convert a heavy duty truck, like a Freightliner, call Rick Jeshiva, if you're in the Charlotte area (make time to find this guy if you're not!).

We had Rick convert several straight trucks (Isuzu FTRs) and a 33' Freightliner MT Moving van--and we made some mistakes in the process.

The first time we did it, we hired a nice but otherwise fruity goofball out of High Point, NC. This guy was cheap, sure, but two months later we were ripping his WVO system out of the truck so that Rick could do it over using parts HE recommended (Greasecar? I'd rather hire a Wal-mart employee to wish it done).

Essentially, we paid to have the same job done twice. If we had known about Rick from the start, we would have saved thousands of dollars--and gotten the job done on schedule.

Rick's phone number is: 704-606-7314

He's one tough, mean SOB, but if you want the job done right, he's the guy to call!

And if you run into a Hippie type somewhere north of Charlotte--if he says he can do it in a week, expect it to take a freakin' month.

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