I have a gas Hummer h2. I would like to know what options I would have for a conversion to ALT fuel.. please advice thank you I am in the Miami area.

please reach me or my son to his email address

Hummer H2 on WVO

I don't know Hummers, but there's an article here about an H1 running biodiesel, which means it could run vegetable oil as well.

There's a company called Mash Motors that specializes in converting H2 Hummers to (bio)diesel so that might work:

I found one for sale on ebay:

Hope this helps. Drop a line to Mash Motors and ask them what kind of engine it would use and we can see if it would work (easily) for grease.

Duramax Diesel for Hummer 9-12 MPG

"The Duramax Diesel Engine conversion for Hummer H1 and H2 consists of a 6.6 liter Duramax Diesel engine specially matched with an Allison heavy duty transmission in your choice of either 5 or 6 speed and selectable 2 wheel / 4 wheel drive heavy duty transfer case. The base conversion package starts out with 495 horsepower and with performance upgrades and modifications can be increased to 950 horsepower. The biggest gain from the conversion is the outstanding fuel mileage from 9 to 12 MPG in a stock Hummer to 18 to 26 MPG which is unheard of."

Diesel Hummer Engine on Ebay

"6.2 Diesel Engine Assembly, Humvee, Hummer, Chevy, GMC, Suburban, 6.2L for biodiesel or 6.5 fix!"

Search for diesel hummer and there might be one. This one will sell, but since it fits the Suburban, there's plenty of them around.

diesel engine 6.2

Are you looking for a 6.2 diesel engine. If so I have a 6.2 take out from the military h1 when thay swithched to the 6.5. I purchesed the engine on ebay for $1500and had it delivered to my home. I got it because I have a chev.pickup with 298000 miles and belived i would need it,(I dont think I will)so I was going to re-list but if you would like it i would take what I have in it,($1500) but it also comes with the injecter pump and all I think the only thing it does not have is manafold. Drop me a email under Thanks D.Dempsey

I have an H2 that I would

I have an H2 that I would like to sale. If anyone has any advice on how I should go about selling my truck and getting the best price possible please send it my way.

I would like to get 35,000 for the truck. It is a 2007 Black with all leather seats. Third row seat.

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