6.2 Suburban fuel supply problem

I am using a Walbro pump which is keeping my vegietherm in the green with a cycle every few seconds. I run for about 10 minutes and the 6.2 gives up. It takes about 10 seconds or so to restart on diesel. I've bypassed all the stock fuel lines and am supplying veg to the injector pump just after the stock fuel filter on the firewall. This is a 1985 6.2L Suburban. The fuel pump seems to be delivering quite a bit of fuel per minute. The system is looped. In stock unlooped mode it stalls very quickly. My Mercedes single tank is much more driveable on the same fuel. I just can't quite get my Suburban going. Peugeot tank under vehicle to a Vormax to a Fram 5 micron filter to a Walbro selfregulating pump to a 6 port valve to a vegietherm then to the injector pump. My system completely bypasses most of the stock fuel supply system. Do I need more than 6psi into a 6.2 GM diesel? Lawrence Rhodes.........

I've just started running a

I've just started running a mixture of WVO Kerosene and gasoline in my 85 Suburban and have had no problems so far with a mix as high as 65% WVA.
I'm using a heat exchanger just after the stock mechanical lift pump and a PH8-A oil filter after that and before the stock filter. No second tank yet but I keep the block heater plugged in when the truck is not in use and have attached a 10 ohm resitor to the stock rectangular fuel filter. The resistor is powered by the trucks batteries. This system has been working fine so far in moderate weather but I intend to install a second tank this week. Sounds like you might be getting air into the suction side of the Walbro pump. That would cause the engine to stall although I can't say how long it would take.

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