Can a Jaguar be converted?

Can a Jaguar be converted to run on biofuel?

If it is a diesel, probably so.

Biofuel can mean a lot of things. On this site, we talk about waste vegetable oil and straight vegetable oil. There are plenty of biodiesel sites out there and plenty of biofuel sites out there.

Is your Jag a diesel or does it run gas?

Jags use Petrol

Jag's famously only have petrol engines. Jaguars also famously are expensive cars sold to the rich.

Apart, that is, from the mutant company that is now Ford owned Jaguar, that has now started producing estate cars and diesels for salesmen, and record breaking losses.

Ohhhhh.... I remember the good old days when I used to make rust bombs.... devices set to go off after six years of ownership.

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