Best car for WVO conversion?

I'm really new to the whole DIY car stuff, but I need some suggestions on what type of cars I should look at to convert. I'd prefer something without a computer in it, and I'd prefer a truck, but other than that, I have no idea what to look for. My friend has a Ford F-250 that he converted and it worked really well, except that the fuel filters would get clogged, but they were easily cleaned out. Thanks for any suggestions and advice.

What model Benz is easiest?

If Mercedes Benz is the easiest manufacturer to convert to wvo, what model is the easiest of the Benzes? By easiest I mean the least amount of alterations to the the factory vehicle.

MB 300 Series

I just talked with a guy yesterday who converted his 300D MB over. He bought the kit from and installed it. The major issue seems to be the fact the veggie oil won't stay liquid and fuel systems need to be back flushed with diesel. From my own personal experience, these cars are tough! I used to put staight motor oil into the tank of my 300TD to boost the performance. It hauled ass with a full tank of gas and a quart of oil in the tank. I think it lubricated the motor a little more. I wonder if you simply could install a heater exterior to the tank of the diesel or even just run a blend of peanut oil and diesel. Fuel taxes being what they are a 1/4 blend of peanut oil and diesel might save money and require no modifications at all.

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