Storing WVO on property?

WVO is stored on property in 5 gal. containers, now leaking a little bit. Is that bad if it comes in contact with water runoff? Fire potential? At what point is it dangerous to have this WVO stored against the house and firewood is it dangerous?


The only thing you might have to worry about would be insects and rodents.
WVO doesn't pose a fire hazard nor should it be a run-off problem.

Be careful!!

check laws!!Some local areas regulate, and consider wvo and all linked byproducts a hazardous waste product!! You dont want your local hazmat folk to show up at your place , belive me!! Art, running a 82' Caddy Seville Elegante VegaMobile!!


WVO is 85% biodegraded in the first 28 days. A little longer for completing the process!
If you oil has hydrogenated oils, the smell could be more of an issue. I'm not sure how long that takes to degrade bioligically.

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