Rabbit Vs Mercedes

I commute 100 miles per day and want to go WVO. My quandry is- which old car is better? I really like the 300TDs of the early to mid 80's and there are a lot of them out there. The rabbits seem to be a little cheaper and more practical from a repair cost standpoint- there is a lot less that can go wrong with the Rabbits compared to the Mercedes. So my question is.... WHich car is better?

Rabbit for a single, Mercedes for a family

At least that's the way I see it. If you're driving around family members (or even friends) often, a Mercedes will do a lot better if you ever get smashed into by another vehicle.

As far as conversion goes, people seem to be voting that a Mercedes is a lot easier to do than a Volkswagen, but I bet most that voted Mercedes haven't done a VW. ;)

Rabbits get better mileage. I know someone who drove from Virginia to Georgia in a VW pickup on one tank of diesel fuel.

I think overall, if maintained properly, the VW is gonna be cheaper, too, though riding in a Benz is lux.

Let us know which one you go with and how the conversion goes! Thanks for posing the question.

VW rabbits have a nasty

VW rabbits have a nasty habit of blowing head gaskets. Mercedes benzes are just built better, there are more available and with the internet it's not hard to find parts cheaply as it once was.

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