best oil to use

what is the best oil to burn as fuel...or does it matter

Best oil

I find the less fat, the longer the filters last. Chip or Tortillaria places are grease free. Most dohnut places filter and re use until it is worthless but if you can find a dohnut shop that does not re use it, that is the best smelling. The downside is... it's a cop magnet ....

Is WVO fuel legal?

This is so funny... cop magnet... :-)
By the way - do you know if there are any laws applying to use of WVO as a fuel? Can I get in trouble for using it in commercial vehicle?

peanut oil?

i've heard that rudolf diesel designed the diesel engine to run on peanut oil. not sure if that was just because it's cheap and abundant or if he did a lot of tests on different types of oil. clean, well-filtered oil is the best, too, like others say, perhaps even more important that the kind of oil itself.


i have access to 15 to 20 gallons of canola oil per week. if filtered properly will this burn right in my 2003 dodge? just getting started in this process and have many questions. any help will be greatly appreciayed. email is

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