Is WVO use on the road legal?

I'm reading on other sites that the use of WVO as a fuel could be illegal based on DEP classifications of approved fuels. Anyone know about this?

Yeah I believe it is

Yeah I believe it is technically illegal, because wvo is not taxed, but I don't know if there are laws in place to enforce it. Has anyone ever heard of greasers getting busted & charged with anything?

"Under the radar"

Some countries have implemented tax on Veg. oil used as fuel (UK 27p per liter)
If you have a 2 tank system - no worries - still paying tax....
If not - sooner or later the US will be chasing us down.....Especially with all the hawk OIL (Petro) lovers in this country (US).

As far as legality goes, it

As far as legality goes, it might depend on where you live.
In the US we pay "road tax" (being able to put a car on the road) by license plate renewals and inital tax paid on the purchase of automobiles. There is nothing to say that you can't run your car on alternative fuels. The gas tax money (depending on state) goes either to a general fund or road construction projects. If I choose to drive an electric car ,hydrogen powered car, solar powered car, veggie car or a "Flintstone" powered car for that matter, there is nothing that says I cannot do just that. The confusion might arise when farmers sometimes drive their trucks on the road using farm or agriculture diesel.This stuff they buy untaxed, promising to use it only on the farm for farm equipment. I have seen the highway patrol in some farming communities pull a farmer over and pull a small sample from his tank and check to see if it is red, the color of Ag diesel. If it is they are fined. That is all I have. Go ahead be proud and put a bumper sticker on your car or truck.

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