I Pump and Filter Your Oil - You Give Me Some?

What does everyone think about this deal.

Say you are a restaurant owner or heavy user of vegetable oil and you have a lot of waste oil to get rid of. Most people are beginning to realize that they can filter their own oil instead of paying to have it taken away.

Do you think a restaurant owner would let me (or anyone) filter their oil for them, and take a commission in oil for the service?

So say Joe Restaurant Owner has a 50 gallon tank of waste vegetable oil, but he doesn't want to filter it, but he has a diesel and would like to use it to drive or make a blow torch or something.

If I filtered it for him, and took half, am I being too greedy? Or is this a good deal?

Thanks for any sort of reply.


On occasion, when I have been really busy, I chooose to purchase filtered wvo at $1.25 gallon as a quick solution . There does seem to be a demand for someone to do this. My suppliers sometimes run out, or have waiting lists , openly refer to other filtering people. If you are inn the city where space is scarce or rent and your landlord isn't pleased with your set up.... have a source for barter or purchase seems like a good choice.

imho robin

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