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I am new to this, and bought a 1981 benz 300sd to convert to WVO. What are the risks to engine lifespan and potential damage to engine by running veg. oil?


I thought you were gonna

I thought you were gonna tell us. :D

Since I'm still debating which vehicle to go with, I can't say. One of the big factors is how well you strain your oil. If there are bits of hamburger and egg roll goin through the fuel lines, that can't be too good.

I'd be curious to know which oil types are better for the engine. Rudolph Diesel designed the diesel engine for peanut oil, that's what I've heard.

mercedes conversion

Pre-1987 Mercedes diesels are great for veggie oil conversions. Primarily because the crucial ingredient, the Injector Pump, is really robust on these models.
When I first got my '76 300D I simply mixed 70% wvo with diesel, and it ran pretty good, but smoked a bit more than I liked (I try to rationalize that I do this for environmental reasons, as well as economics).
So I installed a free marine fuel tank in the trunk, hosed under the car, foolwing the original fuel lines where possible, installed two 3-port Pollack Solenoid valves (one for coosing which fuel tank, and one for choosing the normal return to the original diesel tank, or a looped return for wvo - that may be confusing to you right now, but you'll get it eventually).
I also installed a Vegtherm, a nice little BC, Canada product elegantly made to heat veggie oil to 160 F with a 20 amp raw or less (irt is self regulating, a nice safety feature).
This system works great in my climate (West Coast of Canada, so it rarely freezes). If you're in colder climates, you'll want to do the coolant heating thing, running coolant hose along the wvo lines, and into the wvo tank, to keep the wvo liquid and pre-warmed.

hamburger ????

you should filter your oil to 5 micron, believe me if you do that there is no hamburger in the oil. Stick to the Chinese Restraunts - it will save you alot of headaces when it comes to saving you injectors, or even worse your engine.

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