Where are the Diesel WVO Hybrid Electric Vehicles?

I can't believe that in the year 2006 planet earth hasn't come up with a vehicle that actually gets good mileage - like close to 100 mpg. It just seems strange that with all the technology and computers there are no vehicles that get good mileage.

For one, wouldn't the best mpg vehicle be a diesel/wvo hybrid electric? I'm no rocket scientist, but can it really be that hard to design?

Are there any community-designed vehicles out there? I'm tired of waiting for some company to do this. Why can't we?

XR3 Hybrid Diesel

Here's a design that is scheduled for release in December 2006:

"The XR3 Hybrid is a super-fuel-efficient two-passenger 'personal mobility vehicle' (PMV) that achieves 125 mpg on diesel, 225 mpg on diesel and electric, and performance like a conventional automobile."


Hybrid Diesal

Note that is a plans buildable vehicle which ought to make it possible to design in SVO dual tank systems as original equipment instead of an afterthought. Plantdrive is in my area, (Berkeley, CA) I'm thinking of building this thing. If I do, I'll consult with them about best design after I know what engine Riley has in mind. Anyone care to give their thoughts on best possible designs?

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