Big Rig Conversion

I'm a professional truck driver running out of Manitoba, Canada and am interested in getting feedback from other big rig owners who've converted to run on SVO or WVO.

Dont got a rig, buy i have envy of your project...

I'm from manitoba too, my e-amil is As for your interest in running a rig off of wvo or svo, mabye i can help a little. A lot of people research on the internet(as have i), and now the "way to go " seems to be bio-diesel. Bio-diesel must be heated below minus 15 i think, wich is obviously out of the question for manitoba winters. So, if biodiesel is the same price as diesel, and wvo is almost free, and you have to heat your fuel system anyway, go with wvo.
I know that cat motors (mabye others) have a return line, but this does not provide enough heat.(80degrees) To have a fool proof system, this is what i think:

Have a switch to start the rig on normal diesel, and that will heat up the fuel lines and wvo tank.
Install an extra fuel filter right on your wvo tank, so that if there is a little crap in your fuel, you can change it easily.
A guy could install a block heater element on a wvo tank to reduce the amount of warm up time needed.
I know that some rubber components on diesel pickups are basically slowly eaten away by an acid in wvo, mostly older models.(eg fuel lines and some sort of rubber gaskets in the fuel line or pump)
There should be plenty of heat from a big engine like that, so all the wvo lines should be heated, and a temp guage attached to the wvo tank, hope to hear from you!

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