Best Diesel MPG Vehicle for Mobile Living

hi, i'm looking for a vehicle than could house one (potentially two) for life on the road. i know the mpg for larger buses and trucks like internationals, freightliners, etc., are quite low - like between 5-10 miles per gallon.

does anyone know of a good vehicle that gets good mpg, a diesel (of course cause it's gonna run wvo) that is big enough to sleep in?

or shall i say, what diesel rv (or box truck or passenger van or bus) gets the best mileage per gallon of diesel fuel?

High mileage RV

Check out the extended version of the "Sprinter" high-roofed van from Dodge, Freightliner, and Mercedes. It uses a Mercedes 5 cylinder diesel engine and gets about 20-25 MPG (probably somewhat less when loaded up as an RV.)

Airstream, Sportsmobile, Gulf Stream Coach, Winnebago/Itasca, and others make class B RVs based on the Sprinter van chassis.

Good luck!

Scott from

Sprinter experience

I drove a Mercedes/Sprinter "motor caravan" (British for RV) 4000 kilometers (2500 miles) in the UK over three weeks. I got about 21 mpg on diesel, but driving there is quite different than here, and we did a lot of sight seeing. It is a great vehicle. I recommend the 140" wheelbase, you can park it anywhere, the same overall length as a big car. If you're going to live in it for a long period, you may consider the 158" wheelbase and forego the city parking ability. Try to get a 2004 or later to get the active stability control system. A couple times I found myself in curves I didn't think I was going to get through, and it was amazingly stable. That stuff works!

Bad MPG in my Npr Help me Please

I own a 1994 isuzu npr with 115,000 miles on it. I bought it back in 2001 and it had 110,000 on it when i got it. I drove it from 01-05 not much and let it sit for 2 yrs but would start it and drive it down the street every 3-months.
I have since been driving it again from feb 08 till now. It runs awesome turbo works great, but I cant seem to get better than 12mpg and thats never breaking 55mph either if i do im about 11mpg, it will hit 75mph. I would love to get 15mpg+ any suggestions??? I did notice a small black ring on the out side of my exhaust tip like carbon bild up!
Please help me!




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I'll assume your wanting to

I'll assume your wanting to do this as in-expensively as possible, so here are a couple of my thoughts on this subject...

Isuzu NPR or NSR with the 4 cylinder diesel engine get between 15-18 mpg. These are commercial grade box/delivery trucks, but are commonly use for several other applications. The chassis is rated for between 10k-16k lbs, and will acomodate a "box" up to about 20 feet max. That means you could *potentially* put a used $1200 20 foot long travel trailer on the back of it where the delivery box once was, or if you get a short one, mount a pick-up truck bed to the back of it and tow a 5th wheel. These are extremely reliable vehicles that usually last 250-300k miles before requiring a new/rebuilt engine. Look on ebay-motors, and do a search for "isuzu diesel". I see nice ones selling there all the time for about 5-6 thousand dollars.

Isuzu FRR or FRP models with the 6 cylinder diesel are the NPR's BIG brother. These chassis are rated for 22k-26k lbs. They are comperable to the american made freightliner or international box delivery trucks. These trucks [and I own one] get about 13 mpg. As before, you could mount a travel trailer,,, or even a short mobile home [!] on the chassis of one of these. Or you could mount a pick-up bed over the rear wheels, and use the extra 5 or so feet between the back of the cab and the front of the pickup bed to put a 1000 gallon WVO storage tank and on-board filtering system directly on the truck! WOW, that would be cool! You would spend several days collecting the 1000 gallons of WVO, but once it was full, you could travel about 13,000 miles without refueling. One of these trucks will set you back in the $8-15k range depending on age , mileage, etc.

In the school bus line, I'd look for a flat nosed model with a Cummins 5.9 engine. This is the same 5.9 diesel Dodge installs in their pick-up trucks, so parts and service are readily available without going to a specialized big rig repair shop. School bus chassis are rated at 26,000 lbs, and there's lots of room under the floor along the frame rails to mount lots of WVO storage tanks. These busses sell on ebay for about $4000, and they get about 12 mpg. This may actually be your best and most cost friendly option. Converting a bus to an RV is a common practice, and there's an entire sub-culture dedicated to it. Do a search on the web for skoolie or s'koolie to learn more.

And there's always the obvious option of buying a good used dodge 2500 diesel, and towing a 5th wheel. I'v got friends with these trucks and they tell me anywhere between 12 and 19 mpg.

post a new forum topic

you're a lot more likely to get good responses if you post an original, new forum topic, especially because it will post to the home page. this topic is about miles per gallon. just a thought -- ;-)

Great advice

Thanks a lot for your reply. That is really helpful information. I'd love to see a short mobile home on the back of the Isuzu FRR or FRP!

isuzu diesels

My truck mechanic, John's Truck here in sTUDIO cITY, POO POO'D ANY 4 CYL iSUZU AFTER 125K MILES. hE HAS SEen that after 125k miles they crap out (by and large)

I have a 24ft. Trek Safari

I have a 24ft. Trek Safari motor home. It is sitting on an Isuzu NPR chassis and has the 3.9L 4cyl Isuzu diesel engine in it. I just filled er up after a trip out of town for camping. The mpg was 14.92 That's pretty close to 15mpg. The vehicle has 129k miles on it ans she runs like a top. Really happy with it.

I've got a '98 VW T4 SWB 2.5

I've got a '98 VW T4 SWB 2.5 TDI. Very small van, perhaps not suitable for life on the road but I've spent a week a time away in it & have a friend who regularly spends a month. Sleeps 2 comfortably, but not high enough to stand up in (unless you got a pop top) and no space for a bathroom.

I get 45mph keeping to 60mph and going easy on the accelerator.

Try an 8.2 liter detroit

Try an 8.2 liter detroit engined schoolbus 11-14mpg or a 9 liter international bus around 12mpg. The safari TREK 92-94 with the npr isuzu engine will do 13mpg at 70mph

I own a rare 1992 24' Serro

I own a rare 1992 24' Serro Scotty Hilander built on a Dodge 1 ton chassis. Bone stock Cummins auto w/overdrive 3.54 gear ratio. 15-18 MPG. I plan on changing the injectors, the air intake and going with a larger exhaust to even better the fuel economy. 120,000 miles and the oil doesn't even turn black. Very tight motor!!

16. I am going to be

16. I am going to be deliverying ice. I am going to need something good on gas, and that can handle about about a ton of and half. Can someone please give me a good recomendation. I like the NPR, becuase I live in the city, but it does not look like it is that good on gas, and it might not have the power. Any recomendations?

I cannot find my links now,

I cannot find my links now, but had PM'd with someone on a diesel forum that said some of the early NPR motors used an SAE bell housing shape and would bolt up to some Chevy 350 trans??
On an early 90's Chevy Suburban, I wonder what the RPMs would be and if the shift points would be totally awful.
Sure would be less weight hauled around, lower wind restance and lower RPMs at highway speeds.

If you could change the shift points, bet you could get low to mid 20's with one.

I have a 2006 isuzu

I have a 2006 isuzu commercial truck npr diesel. how many miles per diesel gallon should I be getting? I drive 65 to 70 miles per mile on highway. I spend most of the mileage on highway.

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