Best WVO Filtration Setup for Mobile Home RV

Hello. Say you want to "drive forever" and give up your homestead.

What are people's best wvo filtration setups you can "carry with you" ?

Let's pose two scenarios -

1) a school bus

2) a 40 foot mobile home

I know you need at least two tanks, one for dirty oil and the other for the filterd oil. Course, you gotta carry the pump (in a five gallon bucket?) and all the hoses (a couple more five gallon buckets?). And then you gotta carry all the stuff I don't know about yet.. (another five gallon bucket?)

I'm guessing for a school bus, since you have the room to start with, two 55 gallon drums would be best? Do you need three?

For an RV, where would you put the tanks? In one of those nice, shiny, sparkling clean compartments under the vehicle? :D

Section off the back of a skoolie

The comment before was..

to section off the back 5 or 6 feet of a skoolie and make it your grease room. Then put 4 huge tanks just on the other side of the front wall, and put your queen bed on top of it.

Don't think a few five gallon buckets is going to hold all the materials to have a mobile grease station. :0)

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