Problems with water/fuel separator filter clogging up...

Hello. I'm relatively new to using WVO in my diesel truck and we built a filtering/pumping station to filter our oil. The oil is filtered through 3 seperate filters, with the last one being a Golden Rod water block filter. This filter keeps getting clogged up with some kind of fat. We have done absolutely everything possible to make sure that there is no water in our filtered oil, but we are seeing a build up of some kind of fat inside the filter housing and I think that's what is clogging up the filters. We are only able to pump 7-10 gallons through a filter before it clogs up on us. Is there a way to remove this fat from the oil before it clogs up the system...or is there a way to extend the life of our filters? Thank you for any input I can get on this matter.

What are the first two filters?

What kind of material/filters are you using to filter the grease before it gets to the golden rod filters? I've heard of people using old blue jeans as primary filters to get rid of the large stuff, but it sounds like whatever is arriving to the Golden Rod filters must be pretty small because it's getting past the first two. Am I correct?

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