Help Bring the VW T5 EUROVAN DIESEL to the US!!!

1-800-374-8389 !!Contact Today!! 1-800-374-8389

I just got off the phone with VWOA and I mentioned to the Volkswagen sales advocate about starting a petition to bring the T5 auto and 5 &6-speed to the US MARKET in 2007. She mentioned to me that the only thing we could do is have as many people contact this number 1-800-374-8389 and express interest in having the T5 Eurovan in the US. Be sure to mention your interest in the 5-speed model & 6-speed model w/ the TDI while on the phone, and spread the word about this post, the more contacts the better.

VW T5 Diesel Van Pics:

Cool blog. I just called! but

Cool blog. I just called! but still NO in 2011 :(
I was looking for a station wagon to tour the northern pacific from california and stumbled on this blog.
I really like this T5 and would pay for it now!

Here's an excerpt from a

Here's an excerpt from a recent e-mail exchange that I've had with a VW representative regarding import:

How many Calfornia vans would VW need to sell to recover their costs of testing the vehicles to satisfy NHTSA? You and I both know from blogs, etc. that there are many US citizens that would purchase a California camper if there was a legal option. As far as competition goes, you and I also know that there is litterally nothing offered by the major auto manufacturers that competes with a VW camper van. A Sportsmobile conversion is the only real comparable, which isn't a stock vehicle, and fetches over $60-70k complete. I'm a clear example of your potential marketshare - I bought an '89 Westfalia, rebuilt the engine, and repaired the interior and exterior to the tune of +$30k. Just look at the sale price of fully refurbished 80s-vintage vans that GoWesty sells ( If that marketshare is willing to invest this much in 20+ year old vans with over 250k miles, that's got to tell you something. I hope I'm not coming off as argumentative, I truly appreciate your feedback and quick turnaround. Honestly, if there was anything that remotely compared to a VW camper van, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

I apologize, but I am unable to speculate on how many California Campers Volkswagen would need to sell in order to recover the cost of testing them to satisfy NHTSA’s guidelines, and I do not have the ability to speculate on importation costs or other factors that would impact the cost of offering this vehicle in the US. I am unable to comment on information found at third-party and non-VW websites and blogs. These sites are not owned or maintained by Volkswagen, and we are unable to verify the information found on them. Again, please know your comments and desire to see the California offered in the US have been documented for internal review. I encourage you to check back with in the future for updates regarding our vehicle offerings. I agree that nothing compares to a VW! Thanks again for your feedback and your love of Volkswagen.

I was the (renamed) Anon.

I was the (renamed) Anon. Greaser who saw the new blue T5 in Tucson.
My T4 is up to 200K mi. & a beauty -she is a work and play vehicle, converted to a cargo van,delivers for my business to upscale clients and hauls the family incl. dogs on backpacking trips in the West. Would love to have a T5, even w/ the shifter sticking out of the dash, even w/ a TDI engine. Things start to wear out at 200K. Das Eurovan ist gut, ja?




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