Homebrewers go extinct

Are you a local homebrewer? Just an individual collecting from local mom and pops to supplement what you spend on fuel while also trying to be better to the environment? *crickets*... Didn't think so, our kind has been killed off. No longer are we helping out our local communities, instead we have commercial operations picking up everyone's oil, selling it off to other huge corporations measured in metric tons. Our local oil supply has dwindled so much I'm left trying to buy used oil from one of these commercial collectors only to be ignored because I have no use for a minimum 3 metric ton purchase of oil (where would I keep that amount?!). They ignore me anyways because they want us little guys gone, they want you to go back to buying fuel at the pump to shove more dollars into their own pockets. They don't care about the local burger joint, pizzeria, or sub shop. They aren't ever going to go in there for a bite to eat to try to give back to the locals because they don't feel they have to. Just because they paid them 1/4 of what their used oil was actually worth. What if that oil were to go to you, who turns it into fuel, that you also supply to some of the local farmers so they can put some of that savings into better crops? It's such a shame seeing all of these people selling off their processing equipment because the oil supply is gone. Eaten up by these commercial companies who usually don't give a damn about the locals. This is what is going wrong with our country, corporate bs, there's a better life in the basics... A happier life that we know most of each other by name, where we are in to help each other out. Id be willing to pay for oil I pick up, and I make it a point to eat at your place of business to give back. That doesn't matter now though, everyone wants to put on a suit and tie, and make a million bucks to buy some lambo's or a fancy house. And once they get there, you're friends don't really know (or care) about you, they're just hoping for gifts or handouts. And the friends you used to have, that were there with you when you first started out, ( your REAL friends) didn't mind you smelling like oiley burned garbage, because you were helping your community and not just yourself. Sorry for rambling, just upsets me to have to give up what I have truly enjoyed doing for the past 8 years, helping my community



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Well, this is America, as you

Well, this is America, as you stated. If you provide the best and most reliable service and pay the fair market rate, you should have no problem competing in a market where a service and product have a real established value. Nobody owes you a favor or a cookie.



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