Denver, CO Closed top food grade 55 gallon drums in excellent condition!

For sale - 55 gallon drums in excellent condition, with bungs and caps intact, used to transport USDA organic liquids. These have been cleaned and are available for whatever use you'd like to put them to. $20.00ea discounts for quantity start at 10 barrels.

I also have IBC totes for $150.00ea in excellent condition.

Call Eric 303-682-2840

I scheduled a time to meet

I scheduled a time to meet this guy, I call him the morning of when he is not at the place and he tells me he forgot about me, so I ask if hes close so I can get the drums I need and he said he lied he doesnt even have the ones I need anyway, so I made a trip from denver, wasted 20 dollars in gas, and still have no barrel, screw you colorado zerowaste, does anyone in denver have open top used food grade containers, I need 5

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