WVO Designs Oil Cleaning Centrifuge Filter - WVO 120V

Good afternoon! I am getting out of the oil business and I am selling my:
WVO Designs Oil Cleaning Centrifuge Filter - WVO 120V/With Bolt On Heater

This centrifuge also has the addon Cleaning Power Booster, which helps direct oil to the bottom of the unit.

Warranty? The owner of the company has literally stated a lifetime warranty. He said if something breaks, he will replace it.

The unit costs $1497 + $300 for Bolt on heater, + $120 for Power booster.

I purchased this unit 6-8 months ago, and processed only about 50 gallons before quitting the oil business. This is literally a brand new unit.

Please let me know if you are interested. I am located in Naples, FL, and will cover shipping if we can agree upon a reasonable offer.

Let me know! 7 7 3 - 4 9 2 - 1 769


Naples, FL

Contact Info: 



unfortunately, i don't think

unfortunately, i don't think Volvo ever put their diesel moorts in the station wagons, only in the 4-door sedans. and those stopped being imported about 1985.older diesels such as the Mercedes and Volvos also have issues with burning standard diesel fuel very uncleanly. so if you were worried about polution and couldn't burn biodiesel consistently, you should probably avoid the older cars.virtually every car available in Europe has a diesel version they sell there, and they burn much cleaner. maybe you can special-order a new European car with a diesel powerplant. our rented Citroen minivan/stationwagon crossover had pently of power and got excellent gas mileage (about 60 mpg.)



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