Good Grease Biodiesel Classifieds?

Yes, allow biodiesel in the classifieds!
72% (106 votes)
No, keep biodiesel off the site!
28% (41 votes)
Total votes: 147


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Hi there! I hope you are the site manager. I was wondering how I go about removing content or editing content. Is there a way to log in to edit like on Craigslist?



You should allow Biodiesel because it's all about going green and also fighting the corporate man. If a veg user wants to start his veg car on Biodiesel that is better than buying petro from the corporate sources. Also is someone wants to blend down to thin out thier fuel, better to use Bio than fossil fuel..... I always use Bio in the warmer months to start, and a Bio/petro blend in the colder ones with a plug in pre heater to preheat the main start tank.


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