Are Chinese Suppliers Legitimate?

I'm looking into buying large quantities of WVO from somebody who is importing from China. Has anyone had any positive or negative experiences with this? The deal looks good and I think I've taken the right steps to avoid most of the risk but it still doesn't seem like I can trust everybody involved. I wanted to hear about feedback from others.

be extremly carful when

be extremly carful when dealing with sellers out of china or any other country.
you may not get what you oayed for or you may not get it at all.
be carful if they require payments to be made by western union.

We are an American company

We are an American company supplying large qualities of premium Used Vegetable Oil (WVO) to Biofuel companies.Our WVO are gathered from two countries abroad. Our purchase contracts are protected and guaranteed by performance bonds. If you like to purchase 50+ MT of the oil, please let me know, I can offer you a price that will be profitable for you. We can shipped the oil to your nearest port. The attached is the specification. Please respond to my email at your convenience.



Dear Hoss,

Dear Hoss,

According to our understanding of current situation, UCO export is mostly probable trade fraud. We're not going to provide inspection service at this stage.

Best Regards,
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Agricultural Services
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Dont ever do business out of

Dont ever do business out of the country. They will give you the best deals in the wrold but at the end of them all they take your money and run. I have been in this business for a while and I have to say I know of one deal that has ever been good. For the other 500 of them are bad. Dont do it.



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