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I'm intrested in selling the old cooking oil that our kitchens generate here at the country club I work for. We have 3 restuarants that produce the used oil. I would reqire that you supply the holding tank for the oil and not a bunch of 55 gal drums and that the pick up day would always be on a monday. You can contact me at this e-mail address or the number below


Sarasota, Florida

Contact Info: 

Mike Law-941-232-8608 M-F8am-5pm

I represent a company out of

I represent a company out of Pinellas County Florida. We are Vantage Recovery LLC and we collect WVO from restaurants and other locations.

We are paying around $1.00 per gallon of oil. We pay forthe oil within 2 weeks of collection. We can supply 125 0r 275 gallon Duracast containers designed specifically for this purpose or we can custom make a container that will fit your needs specifically.

One of the unique features that makes us different than most any company out there is that we work off of a collection agreement not 1 - 3 year contracts. This forces us to keep you happy to keep your business, responding to any complaints or concerns quickly not simply requiring you to stay with us because we have a contract.

Timothy J. Bodine
Sales/Customer Service

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